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Chandigarh Ayurved Centre came into existence when Vaidya Jagjit Singh Ji Started his Journey to follow his ancestors to Practice Ayurveda.In his Family already Two Generations were Practicing Ayurveda with well renowned Name in field of Ayurveda.He achieved many Awards & Rewards like State Award , Lifetime Achievement Award & designated as Ayurveda Guru by Govt of India & many more rewards in field of Ayurveda this Journey doesn’t ends here ,Further his both children Vaidya Karanvir Singh & Vaidya Roopam Singh has done thier post Graduation in Panchakarma from prestigious colleges of Ayurveda.They joined Hand to hand to Carry Legacy of Family. CAC is manufacturing 100% Natural Ayurvedic medicines & Herbal Supplements to serve Society. In today’s era there is need to raise our immunity naturally .For this CAC is one stop to cure all kind of Health ailments through Best Healing System of world which is Ayurveda.Vaidya Family already completed thier 131 years of Legacy in practicing Ayurveda & serving Society. The knowledge of Ayurveda inherited by Four Generations still continue.They Provide Authentic Panchakarma Treatments also with full scientific way of Healing. Recently Vaidya Karanvir singh was honoured by prestigious Dhanwantri Award by Govt of Punjab. We specialised in Skin problems, Stomach Problems, life style disorders , Joint problems etc. As trusted brand in Ayurveda we are responsible to keep our Standards of Practicing in favour to Society with one & only Motto “Live Natural Live Ayurveda”

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131 Years
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In Ayurved, the body is the combined of air, water, fire, earth and ether. Then comes the organisation of the body. The body is organised further into combination of these elements. The combination of ether and air is known as the Vata, the combination of water and fire is Pitta and combination of water and earth is known as Kapha. Together all of them are known as the tridosha. When the tridosha gets imbalanced in the body, diseases set in. Ayurved is the study of balancing the doshas and your lifestyles to lead a healthy life. The main cause of disease lies in the production of ama (toxins) in the body. Panchkarma is a combination of purification techniques. It doesn’t just end at the clinic. After the respective therapy, the person is brought to a healthier lifestyle which keeps the production of ama (toxins) at bay.

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Every single day, more than 100+ patients speak with a CAC doctors to understand the root-cause of their health problems and get personalised treatment delivered at their doorsteps. Here are the reasons behind the trust of millions across the world.

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131 Years of Experience
10+ Million Patient Consulted
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