Business Opportunities

Business Opportunity with Chandigarh Ayurved Centre

In this modern era, Ayurveda health care is in demand as it carries many business opportunities along with good health. Every person needs a disease-free, strong & healthy body. Chandigarh Ayurved Centre has been helping patients with chronic & acute disease all over India since 60 years. Our core team comprising of Vaidya Jagjit Singh and Vaidya Karanvir Singh that aimed at sharing their vast knowledge and skills in Ayurveda with others. They have well-developed wellness clinics in North India. As their ancestors are the best vaidya’s. Through them, they had got the pure ayurvedic practice that they are spreading in their patients. They believe that together, all of us can curate a better health set-up for everyone around the world. The Panchakarma procedures along with the Ayurvedic medicines provided by us give very fast & long-lasting results to the patients.

In our centre, we provide a vast range of ayurvedic medicines along with the herbal juices & beauty products. These all products act as a natural supplement for the body, mind, & soul. We are providing our services at the national and international levels. Recently we are dealing with countries like Turkey, Cannada, Australia, France, U.A.E, U.S.A, etc.

And we are proud to announce that we are looking for people all around the globe for business purposes so that our healing touch could reach everywhere.

  1. The difference between self-curate medication at Chandigarh Ayurved Centre and others is the knowledge. Our Vaidya’s hold 131 years of expertise in Ayurved. They make their own medicines with the help of old traditional methods.
  2. These medicines are 100% vegetarian as herbal extracts of the herbs are used for preparation.
  3. All Ayurvedic preparations are made from 100% herbal & naturally occurring substances.
  4. In the manufacturing of the products, we have used standardized extracts of the herbs.
  5. We don’t use animal products at all that contains chemicals, pig intestines, & cow cartilage.
  6. There are absolutely no preservatives or chemicals in our ayurvedic medicines.
  7. Our all ayurvedic medicines are made in our manufacturing unit present in Sangrur.
  8. The Sangrur Manufacturing unit is running under the consistent guidance of our Practitioners. We take really good care of the quality & quantity of our products.

Why should you choose Chandigarh Ayurved Centre as your manufacturer?

All our herbal products are GMP & ISO certified. We make them with utmost care and precision. These medicines are specially tested under the guidance of the expert team of our doctors. All of our medicines are made with love and positivity of the staff. We believe that the human body only processes vegetarian extracts. Therefore all our medicines are purely vegetarian, herbal & organic. These medicines are totally herbal & not cause any side-effects to the human body. It’s better to have advice from the doctor while using any ayurvedic medicine.

We provide shipment of our medicines all over the world and are open to everyone for being our distributor.

How to become a Chandigarh Ayurved Centre distributor?

  1. First of all, you don’t need a specialized Ayurved degree to be our distributor.
  2. As we have expert team of doctors that will guide you about each & every product. So you don’t have to take worry.
  3. We will provide hassle free shipments to anyone who signs up for being our distributor.
  4. Special session about the panchakarma & ayurvedic treatment will be guided to the distributors.
  5. Our franchisee can be taken by any citizen all over India & the world.
  6. For our distributorship, you can contact us on our email address: or call us at 9780000 837

How to set up Chandigarh Ayurved Centre franchisee?

  1. We provide Panchakarma treatment to our patients. Therefore we are interested in finding a person with 500 square feet area or more to set-up our clinics for Ayurveda & Panchkarma. We just need our standards to be maintained and positivity to flow around the clinic.
  2. We will provide proper knowledge, skills & support to everyone who wants to set-up this centre through multi-media.
  3. Apart from that, you can also open a clinic under our guidance.
  4. If you take our franchisee than we will provide you proper set-up for the clinic. Our expert team of doctors & staff will work with you.
  5. The doctors provided to you will make a proper diagnosis of the patients. There they will guide them ayurvedic medicines, panchakarma procedures, & proper diet to the patients.
  6. Our well-trained staff will be doing the panchakarma services on the patients.
  7. A healthy, clean, & good nature staff will be provided to you.
  8. Both offline & online support will be given to you.
  9. OPD & IPD both can be started in these clinics.
  10. Online promotion & all marketing support will be started through our side.

For more details and questions about our franchisee and business opportunities with us please mail us at: or call us at 9780000 837.