Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Care Kit


1. Detox Premium Powder 60 Sachets
2. Trikatu Syrup 3 bootle
3. UTI Care Tablets 60 tablets
4. Sheet Dhara Syrup 2 bottle
5. Panchasakar Churna 1 Bottle
6. Kanchnaar Guggulu 60 tablets

Usage: As directed by the physician.



Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a very common disease of old male persons. Some recent epidemiological studies have revealed that to large extent lifestyle factors associated with metabolism including obesity, blood glucose, exercise, and diet also contribute substantially to the development of these conditions.
BPH is defined as an enlarged prostate gland that can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking the flow of urine out of the bladder. Ayurveda has numerous herbs that are proven to the best remedies for benign prostatic hyperplasia.
The herbs cure this condition naturally without causing any side effects. Chandigarh Ayurved Centre had made a ‘Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Care Kit?, that involves a total of 6 products ? Detox premium powder, Trikatu tablet, Sheet dhara syrup, Uerolex capsule, Panchasakar churna, and Kanchanaar guggulu. The kit has no added
preservatives and is free from side effects.


1. Detox Premium Powder:

Detox premium powder is made up of natural herbs and bhasmas like iloy satav, gandhak rasayan, tal sindoor, shankh bhasma, moti pishti, akik pishti, etc. The powder relieves the burning sensation, irritation, discomfort, and normalizes the aggravation of the pitta dosha.
Recommended Dosage?? Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water.

2. Trikatu Syrup:

Trikatu syrup is widely used to balance the aggravated Tridosha and mainly composed of Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Pippali (Piper longum), and Maricha (Piper nigrum). The ingredients used in the formation of the syrup reduce the symptoms and prevent further enlargement of the gland.
Recommended Dosage?? Take 2 teaspoonfuls thrice daily.

3. UTI Care Tablets:

UTI Care Tablet is an herbal formulation of Sajjakshar (Bergenia lingulata), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), etc. The capsule cures the flow of urine, relieves the burning sensation, swelling, pain, and discomfort.
Recommended Dosage?? Take 1 Tablet twice daily with normal water.

4. Sheet Dhara Syrup:

This is the ayurvedic formulation of Ajwain satv, Peppermint, and Mushak kapoor that balances the vata and pitta dosha. The syrup has coolant properties thus it is very beneficial to cure abdominal pain, discomfort, and improves the metabolism of digestion.
Recommended Dosage?? Take half teaspoonful of this syrup in half a cup of water. Drink this mixture twice daily on an empty stomach.

5. Panchasakar Churna:

The churna has best results in the detoxification of excess toxins from the body and maintains the proper metabolism. It is made up of a total of 5 ingredients ? Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Svaran patri (Cassia angustifolia), Shatapushpa (Foeniculum vulgare),Sauvarchala lavana (Rock salt). The powder reduces the inflammation, redness, relieves constipation, abdominal discomfort, etc. and also prevents it from re-occurring.
Recommended Dosage?? Take 1 teaspoonful at bedtime with lukewarm water.

6. Kanchnaar guggulu:

Kanchnaar guggulu has anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that subside the symptoms of BPH quickly and is very beneficial for weight loss, any type of cyst, thyroid, etc. Each tablet consist of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Elaichi (Elettaria cardamomum), Maricha (Piper longum), etc.
Recommended Dosage?? Take 1 tablet twice daily with normal water.


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