Hypothyroidism Care Kit


1. Panchasakara Churan 1 bottle
2. Detox Tablet 60 Tablets
3. Trikatu Syrup 2 bottles
4. Thyroheal Tablet 60 tablets


1. Panchasakar Churan

Panchsakar churna?is a herbo mineral and purely ayurvedic formulation. It mainly works on your Vata and pitta dosha of your body. It can cure?Chronic Constipation?and help relieve symptoms of?Acidity, indigestion,?Belching?and colic pain. It acts as a mild?Laxative?and reduces?Bloating. It works very efficiently on a disease named?IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) which is very common nowadays that affects your day to day activities.

Recommended Dosage:?Take 1 teaspoonful at bedtime with lukewarm water.


2. Thyroheal Tablet

Thyroheal Tablet is a herbo-mineral tablet of size 800 MG and a purely ayurvedic formulation. CAC Thyroheal tablets help in balancing the Kapha dosha. These tablets help mainly in balancing Thyroid Hormones and also helps in weight management, lowers Cholesterol levels, Improves brain functions, lowers blood pressure. The tablets are prepared from the extract of various herbs such as Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Kanchnar (Bauhinia variegate), Shudh Guggul (Commiphora mukul), & Gandhir (Coelus forskohlii). These Ingredients help in maintaining an irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat. These herbal tablets maintain the proper function of thyroid glands and treat Hyperthyroidism.

Recommended Dosage:?Take one tablet twice daily.


3. Detox tablets

CAC Detox tablets are 100% natural & safe containing 1gm herbs extract. The herbs used for formulation of these tablets show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, & immuno-modulator properties. The herbs & minerals used for preparation of this churna shows antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulator properties.

Recommended Dosage:?Take one tablet twice daily.


4. Trikatu Syrup

CAC?TRIKATU SYRUP?is purely Ayurvedic formulation made up of three herbs. CAC Trikatu Syrup helps to?eliminate excess Kapha or mucous from the body, supports respiratory system, manages weight, helps to take out impurities or ama from the body, supports healthy detoxification, reduces swelling. It shows anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, antioxidant properties.

Recommended Dosage:?Take 2 tablespoon daily.


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