Quantity: 30 Capsules

Dose: 2 Capsules twice daily



Bringing a special ayurevdic preparation for women, Stri Poshak capsules which has no side effect. Stri Poshak capsules play a vital role in bringing harmony in your body functioning from within. These capsules are purely herbal and very effective for treating various health issues related to women.

A preparation of Chandigarh Ayurved Centre, these capsules consist of natural ingredients that are proved to cure various diseases with the help of its herbal ingredients.

Let’s look at the beneficial uses of each ingredient to understand the working and use of these capsules more easily.


  • Ashoka Chall or Saraca – It is a well-known herb, which is used in a wide range of Ayurveda medicines. Since centuries, this herb has been miraculously curing various female health related issues. The problems from stress to age and genes, this herb has been considered the best for females. ?According to Indian mythology, Ashoka Chall is used in various medicines due to its benefits. It is the bark of the small Ashoka tree, which has pleasantly aromatic flowers.
  • Lodhra Chall – Another important Ayurvedic herb, Lodhra Chall is best when it comes to curing the bleeding disorders in women. Apart from this, lodhra can cure diarrhea, disorders related to eyes and much more. Since the time of Sushruta, this herb holds an important place in the list of natural herbs. This herb is found in regions like Assam and Pegu, India. To elaborate, the bark of Lodhra, a medium-sized tree yields loturidine, colloturine and Harman whereas its bark consists of the bark of the tree yields colloturine, Harman and lot uridine. The stem bark contains -O- methyl- leucopelargonidin and more. It also contains glycosides. Its paste can be applied over swelling, wounds, itching, ulcer, and insect bite cases due to its healing properties.? Additionally, it is also used in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
  • Mochras – It is derived from the tree commonly called as a cotton tree. It has a straight and tall trunk. The leaves of this plant are deciduous in the winter season. Mochras strengthens the uterus and is very useful in treating the Leucorrhoea problem.
  • Supari – Supari also known as betel nuts is considered as one of the useful and important herbs in Ayurveda. These are basically the seeds of the tree called Areca catechu, which is a species of palm tree.
  • Nag Kesar – Nag Kesar or Mesua is an evergreen medicinal tree, which is used in the treatment of various disease especially related to the women. It is also known as wood tree due to its hard wood.
  • Majju – Majju, also known as Quercus Infectoria, is very important medicinal plant used in treating various health issues.
  • Amalaki – Amalaki is also called Indian gooseberry. It’s great in nourishing the body and balancing the doshas. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, Amalaki is very important for keeping your skin and hair healthy and glowing. Amalaki is like a rejuvenative medicine for the liver; daily consumption of Amla juice will help in curing pitta dosha.
  • Kikar – Babool tree or Babbula can be used as an ayurvedic herb. It treats various skin diseases, bleeding disorders and much more. It also cures intestinal worms.
  • Kamarkas – It hails from the mint family and contains phenolic acids and several volatile oils. It is a potential anti-cancerous agent and has various skin benefits.
  • Pippal – Pipal is found to have numerous health benefits. It is rich in aspartic acid, tannic acid, flavonoids, vitamins, steroids, glycerine and more.
  • Kukkutandatvak Bhasma – It is an Ayurvedic medicine which is made by making egg shell into ash form i.e. Bhasma. It is a rich in calcium thus improves bone density in a natural manner.


If you are feeling weakness or menstrual pain or menstrual disorder or problems like leucorrhoea or skin paleness or even general problems related to women’s hormones, Stri Poshak capsule is what you need.


  • This is considered as the best uterine tonic and also helps in treating the issues related to infertility.
  • Lodhra Chall contained in Stri Poshak capsule has various medicinal properties such as cold potency. It perfectly balances Kapha and Pitta.
  • It is used to cure the leucorrhoea.
  • It is considered as very important her in woman?s physical weakness, anemia, and facial paleness.
  • Supari contained in Stri Poshak is beneficial for treating backache, shin pain, uneasiness, and anxiety.
  • It is used in improving digestion and immunity of the body.
  • It cures cough and bleeding piles.
  • It helps in the treatment of diarrhea and is used effectively for leucorrhoea treatment.
  • Majju contained in Stri Poshak is considered as very useful in treating uterine prolapse.
  • It helps to cure rectal prolapse.
  • It helps in balancing the blood sugar and makes reproductive system healthy.
  • It helps in enhancing the healthy energy levels.
  • It controls cholesterol levels and cleans arterial walls.
  • It helps in the reduction of uterus swelling.
  • It helps in the coagulation of blood.
  • Its paste can be applied over oozing eczemas.
  • It helps in the healing the wounds and controls bleeding.
  • It is used for the treatment of mouth ulcer.
  • It is often used as a herbal remedy for depression.
  • It cures Alzheimer?s and helps in the improvement of memory power.
  • It is very helpful in the treatment for Diabetics as it has the potential to lower the cholesterol levels.
  • It cures asthma and helps relieve the pain in eyes.
  • It makes teeth bright and strong; it is also very effective in controlling nose bleeding and alleviates jaundice.
  • It treats constipation and diseases related to the heart.
  • It is used in the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis etc.
  • It improves the density of bones and treats the calcium deficiency.


One Stri Poshak capsule a day keeps all kind of problems and even doctors away! You can fight so many diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular intake of just one capsule every day.


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